Monday, December 27, 2010

Put it in your pocket

I recently finished a day long shopping marathon with one of my oldest and dearest friends at an outlet mall. You know the ones - mile long row of brand name stores, usually located far out of town, that claim bargain prices; however, rarely do they live up to the proclamation. Anywho, in one of those stores, I found a scarf made in China (really?? - I would never have imagined) - machine knit ,of this I'm certain, but it was adorable and I was oh so very nearly tempted to purchase it. I really truly had to restrain myself. I mean after all, a proclaimed knitting addict BUYING a bulk produced scarf? I think not. But, I'll admit - I did look to see if yanking the tag and passing it off as an original was an option.

So, I drove home empty handed but for the new shoes I bought early on and wore the remainder of the day for my poor feet; exhausted, but my mind was all the while coming up with a pattern to recreate that lovely little red scarf.
Here is my attempt:

Pocket Scarf

Difficulty: Advanced Beginner
Finished piece is approx. 37 inches excluding fringe.
Yarn used: Bernat Alpaca Natural Blends - 2 skeins - color Tomato

Needles: size 10 straight
Notions: stitch holders, blunt eye needle or crochet hook for ends

*This pattern is made with 2 strands held together**
CO 15.

Row 1: K15

Row 2: K3, P2, K5, P2, K3

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 for 12 rows or approx. 3 inches ending on WS
*Creating the pocket*

K15, increasing each stitch (knit into the front and back of each stitch) - you should now have a total of 30 stitches on your needle.

Slide every other stitch onto a stitch holder and leave alone for now.

You should now have 15 stitches on your working needles and 15 on a stitch holder.

Continuing with pattern, rows 1 and 2 for 19 rows or approx. 4 inches, ending on WS (this is the front of your pocket); break yarn. and place these stitches onto stitch holder

Place stitches from first stitch holder back onto needle.

Knit 19 rows. (this has now formed the back of the pocket).

Now you will need to slide the stitches from the remaining stitch holder back onto your needle, alternating every one with a stitch already on your working needle. Be careful here not to drop any of your stitches and take your time.

You should now have 30 stitches on your needle.

K2tog for the entire row (15 stitches )

You have a completed pocket! Good for you!

Continue with pattern for approx. 30 inches.
BO and work in ends.

Embellish ends as desired ( I used several strands and formed a large knot with fringe).

Block as desired.