Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Tuesday in November

A short visit from dad this morning; a nice break from the humdrum of work - albeit a very slow day on the job. I have so much to do, but I have no choice but to sit shackled to this desk and wait until the clock ticks down the minutes until I'm free to do what really matters to me. And by that time, I'll be so tired of sitting here that I won't have the energy to get anything else done. The cat is asleep under the covers in the bedroom and the house is quiet. I'm researching for a new knitting project (although I have 4 unfinished projects that I can think including some Christmas gifts - time is ticking fast on the deadline to get these done). Found a great beret at http://sockpixie.blogspot.com - the February Beret. I'll be drawn like a magnet to my LYS before too long to touch and feel all the new yarns, delighting in trying to pick out which one I will use for this project. I think I've figured out the joy of knitting is finding that perfect pattern and then buying the yarn!
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