Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'll Have a Slice of Rasperry Tart, Please

Let's talk about food. I know, I know, I said this was a blog about knitting, but I also said it's a little about life in general... and who doesn't like food, huh? Good food. And dessert ! What kind of life would it be if we didn't have the privilege of having something ooey, gooey, sweet, and delicious sliding across our tongues?

I love to bake! I leave the main cooking to my husband and I handle the desserts. In fact, I just baked a cake last night and made some delicious homemade frosting, thank you Julia Child. (Okay, yes, I was inspired by the movie Julie & Julia, and yes, I bought the darn cookbook. But no, this will NOT turn into a cooking blog). Now where was I? Oh yes, the cake. Quite good, though a tad on the ugly side. Okay, it stuck to the baking pan. Just close your eyes and swallow. So, due to my love of all desserts, ugly or pretty, I thought it was only right to pay homage to all things sweet and delicious. You're gonna want to eat this hat. It screams raspberries! Viva la dessert! Enjoy this pattern; it's easy and super fast thanks to Debbie Bliss's Cashmerino Superchunky. I added a bit of Berrocco Zap Yarn (Eyelash) to the first 5 rows and the pompom to jazz it up a bit.

Difficulty: Beginner familiar with working in the round

Finished measurement: fits head circumference 20-23 inches

Yarn: Debble Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky - 1 ball, Berrocca Zap - enough for trip and pompom.

Needles and Notions: size 10.5 circular - 16 inch, size 10.5 straight needles, stitch markers, tapestry needle.

Holding both yarns together, cast on 60 stitches, join stitches, avoiding twisting and place marker to mark beginning.

Row 1-5 : k1p1
drop the Berrocca yarn, cutting, leaving a tail which you will weave in later.
Row 6 and all even rows: *p 5sts, with yarn in back, slip 1 st purlwise*, repeat from * to marker Row 7 and all odd rows: purl
Continue above until you've completed 20 rows - hat should be approx. 6 inches long from cast on.

Begin decrease rows:
Row 1: *p3, p2tog, p1, repeat from * to marker
Row 2: *p2, p2tog, with yarn in back, slip 1 st purlwise, repeat from * to marker
Row 3: purl
Row 4: *p1, p2tog, with yarn in back, slip 1 st purlwise, repeat from * to marker
Row 5: purl
Row 6: *p1, p2tog, with yarn in back, slip 1 st purlwise, repeat from * to marker
Row 7: *p2tog, p1*, repeat from * to marker
Row 8: p2tog
Cut yarn, leaving tail approx. 20 inch long. Slip yarn end onto tapestry needle and thread through remaining stitches, pulling tight to a close.

Make pom pom with both yarns held together. Trim to shape and attach to hat top with desired method.

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